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What I offer

•Qualified as a Supervisor in 2012 after completing a diploma course with Cascade Associates.

•One-to-one supervision and group supervision.

•I supervise qualified counsellors but I am also experienced in supervising student counsellors. I have found that group supervision with students is a particularly rich and supportive way to help on the journey towards becoming qualified.

My style of supervision is quite collaborative in the group setting.
I initially enquire if anyone in the group has anything more pressing than the other members. Based on responses the time is divided up between each supervisee accordingly.
I feel it is important for supervisees to feel supported in their role as counsellor for the work they do with their clients.
It is vital that a supervisee can feel that they can bring any client issue, anything they doubt in themselves or any question regarding their work, without feeling criticised.
There is no such thing as a stupid question!
I believe that supervisees should feel comfortable in supervision and look forward to attending.

Supervisee Testimonial Aug 2021.
“Martin was my supervisor for over 2 years. I was a trainee counsellor doing my placement hours when we started working together. From the start, I felt very comfortable and at ease with him. His friendly and relaxed approach encouraged me to be completely open and honest about my work with clients. I never felt judged by him, and I never felt that I needed to hide aspects of my client work from him because I knew that he would never harshly criticise me. I always felt held and supported within our supervisory relationship and I always felt as if he was treating me as an equal. There was no power imbalance in our relationship and I always felt that my views and feelings about my client work were respected and valued.

He was also extremely supportive and helpful when I began to consider starting my private practice a few months after I qualified. His belief in me and his encouragement were consistent and I feel that if I didn’t have his support at the time I would have probably delayed the start of my private practice, and I would have faced much more self-doubt and procrastination. I will always be grateful to Martin for his practical help and knowledge, but mostly for his way of being with me, which encouraged me to believe in myself and my competence as a professional”


Qualified counsellors
Individual supervision for qualified counsellors £75 for 1.5 hours.

Student counsellors
Individual supervision for student counsellors £55 for 1.5 hours.
Group supervision £40 per member for 2 hours. (min 2, max 4 members).
Completion of the necessary supervisor paperwork for colleges as and when required is included in the fee.

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