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Most of us who are qualified counsellors will remember how stressful was in the lead up to our first ever session with a real live client.

  • Do you feel anxious about your first client session?
  • Would you benefit from a bit of hand holding?
  • Would you like to know how the session is likely to go?
  • Are you worried that you might not get it "right"?

I can support you through all of the above and much more, complimenting the training from your college or training organisation.

My own experience back in 2003, was terrifying and I had no support from the agency at the time. It was a case of being shown the room and given a name, and I had to work out the rest for myself. I was very anxious and extremly concerned about not getting it right for the client. I also worried that my anxiety would be sensed by the client which raised my anxiety further in case they could tell I was new at this.

Training organisations do an amazing job training counsellors, nevertheless for many trainees there can be unknowns that remain around the stage when they see that first client.

I have 19 years of experience working inside counselling agencies as a counsellor, supervisor and clinical lead, so I am fully aware of all the aspects that many trainee counsellors worry about and can provide support to get you through it, so you are not alone.

Concerns can include the following:

  • How do I greet the client?
  • What do I say to the client?
  • What don't I say to the client?
  • What will the client expect from me?
  • What does the client know about me?
  • What will I know about the client?
  • Will I know why they have come to counselling?
  • What logistical things do I need to know about e.g. room set up, technology, paperwork etc?
  • What if I forget parts of my training in the session?
  • What do I need to do at the start of the session?
  • What do I need to do towards the end of the session?
  • What do I say to the client as they leave?
  • Who can I talk to about how the session went?
  • What will I do in the next client session?

Counsellors I have supported have said:

"Starting at a new agency is always going to be daunting but you made the transition feel so easy, always being around to answer any questions and a containing presence to settle any anxieties when I started to work with young clients. Everything felt safe and efficient and all I needed to think about was my work with clients".

Emma - Counsellor


"Thank you for your calm presence and knowledge, support and guidance. It was due to your professional but totally human explanation of working with clients and your vision of support that I was so keen to do my placement with you. I have loved it and wish to thank you for the direct support you have given me, when called upon".

Beth - Counsellor


"Thanks for the support you have provided and the care you have taken to help me feel welcome".

Becky - Counsellor


"I felt you contributed a lot to make working at the agency professional, safe for clients and counsellors and enjoyable". 

Peter - Counsellor


"I have valued your support as my clinical lead and would like to thank you for your guidance and expertise". 

Lindsey - Counsellor


"You've shaped and impacted a lot of lives and I'm so grateful for the opportunity you've provided me throughout my journey to become a therapist. Your passion, knowledge and joy has been contaigious and I'm very grateful for your encouragement and support. Thank you".

Lucy - Counsellor


"Thank you for making my journey into counselling smooth and for all your words of wisdom and support".

Carol - Counsellor



I offer a single 50 minute zoom session before your first client session and a follow up phone call after.

Fee £60.

Please contact me via this website or directly on 07710 035 913 or email on

Thank you.



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